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Everything you need  - from beginning to end

For the governance that helps groups be effective

For the issues you may face, such as:

·       your elected directors aren’t on the same page

·       too many board members are disappointed with year-end results, every year

·       board director quality seems irregular, at best

·       the board often reinvents the wheel. . . and doesn’t know it

·       board responses seems to reflect the chief-elected officer

·       too many decisions are made on the fly

·       every chief-elected imposes favored initiatives

To help you address those issues, and so much more

BoardRoom Arsenal puts in your hands


AERG’s Foundation First Governance concept,

including the most comprehensive, in-depth, ready to use

Policy and Procedures GuidelinesModelsChecklists to save you countless hours, such as:

·       to help your start your evaluation - a “preliminary physical” to assist in identifying your policy and procedure concerns,

·       a major analysis of how successful nonprofits pull it together year after year. . . words to live by,

·       the fundamental authority/policy building blocks critical to your success, in priority,

·       classic roles and responsibilities for officers/directors and the chief staff executive, in detail,

·       90 board-chair-CEO “optimum coordination” scenarios to help revisit your own agreements,

·       Plus, a Matrix of 200+ entries on who “initiates” (projects), “must be told,”, “may be told,” who “decides,” etc.; your leaders will know at a glance how your organization intends to conduct itself (a must for director orientations).

·       how to elevate volunteer board quality through a long term director sourcing system

·       a 50 point pre-flight project authorization checklist to help protect your assets,

·       proposed entries for a board performance self-evaluation exercise,

·       and more.

Also, the BoardRoom Arsenal provides direct access to

Gerard F. Hurley, CAE, and his 40+ years in nonprofit governance, leadership and CEO recruiting:

·       counseling, in confidence, on your governance and organization issues (the first 15 minutes are off the clock),

·       formal or informal board/committee presentations to help bring these governance guidelines to life,

·       or, a preliminary review of your governance documents, conversations with key leaders, then a confidential report.  2 days @ $700.00 each,

·       whatever your needs, we’ll make it work for you. . .



For more information, call or write

Gerard F. Hurley CAE:

Voice: (301) 417-7045 |

Mail: 11230 Game Preserve Road

Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Or use our Contact Form.


Nonprofit Governance Dialogue, December 26

December 26 2013
Situation The board is self-satisfied that it grants its chief staff executive lots of space (kudos, there), especially in their lack of focus on the financials which are pretty much left to him/staff to produce.  Most directors make a show of it when all are reviewing their extensive financial reports; they...
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