How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

Although it is hard to remember a time when the internet and social media wasn’t a part of our world, many businesses continue to struggle to use it in the most beneficial manner. Used correctly, social media has the power to boost your brand name, your online presence, build customer loyalty, increase profits, and much more. Exactly what are the best techniques to use when promoting your business via social media platforms? Here I will share with you the things that I learned when promoting a business. I used these tips successfully and know that you can have great results, too.

You Need Fans

When you’re using social media to promote your business, you need fans, followers, and likes on your posts if you want to build a successful brand. When you get Instagram likes, it can help you spread the word about your brand in a useful way. Plus, you can buy some of those likes to enhance things. It isn’t just Instagram that you need to concentrate on, however, make sure you get a large following on all of the platforms used. The more fans and followers, the more the world will look your way.

Share Offers & Deals

Special offers, coupons, and deals are irresistible to a customer on a budget who also like to save money and who are interested in your products and/or services. Give them what they want and they’ll continue to follow your posts, share offers, and maybe become loyal customers, too. Social media is a great platform to provide these deals. In exchange for a ‘like’ or a ‘follow’ customers can gain access to the deal. Everyone wins in this situation and more customers are soon to frequent your brand more often.

One in Six Rule

Posting the right type of posts is critical to gain business promotions via social media. The one in six rule specifies that one out of every six posts that you create should be promotional; the rest should be informational.  You can find many techniques to provide information to customers. This isn’t to say that you can’t combine the two and get great results, however, just put your creativity to work to accomplish great things.

Always Offer Value

No matter what you are posting on social media, ensure that it has some type of value to the reader. Whether it starts a debate or a discussion intrigues questions, or offers advice and details, your posts can help deem you as an expert or the other way around. Obviously, the latter isn’t what you are going for so make certain each post has something to provide the reader.

There are tons of ways to use social media to your advantage. Promote products, provide information, promote your business, sharer videos, engage with customers – the list is endless. Use the information above to help yourself accomplish great things within your business ventures. These tips changed my life and they can change yours, too.